Practical Music Search


Practical Music Search is an open source ncurses client for Music Player Daemon, written in C++. The target audience are power users who need an MPD client that is highly configurable and accessible. PMS features a simple but powerful interface similar to Vim, and runs on (at least) Linux, FreeBSD and Mac OS X.

Screenshot of PMS 0.42 in action.


Download Practical Music Search 0.42, released May 14th, 2010.

PMS is in the official Gentoo repository, as well as the FreeBSD ports repository. For Arch Linux users, you can use the package 'pmus' in the AUR.

Binary packages. If you want to maintain a package for a different distro, please e-mail me at <kimtjen -at- gmail -dot- com>.

Thanks to Eugeniy Mikhailov for the Debian package.

Practical Music Search requires the glib2 and ncurses libraries.

If you like PMS, please feel free to donate a small amount to the developer.



If you would like to test the latest sources or contribute to development, you can access the source code via the Git repository:

git clone git://

The Subversion repository has been discontinued and will not be updated with new development history. However, you can still browse the old Subversion repository here.

PMS depends on glib2 and ncurses to compile. If the boost regular expression library is installed, regular expression searches are enabled.

Reporting bugs

Please report any bugs to our Trac bug tracker on SourceForge. If you submit a bug report, it is helpful to run PMS in debug mode and log the output, and then attach the log to the bug report:

$ pms -d 2>error.log